I reckon this is the most favourite Tasmanian timber for most people, due to its variable and dynamic colouring.

It is beautiful and pale creamy grey to white normally but can be streaked with rich browns and black heart.

If the Sassafras tree is infected with a staining fungus it produces Blackheart Sassafras.

Blackheart is a timber with distinctive dark brown, black, and even green , orange or yellow streaks running through the wood.

Blackheart is highly prized in making unique craft or furniture items.

Cutting and finishing Sassafras is always interesting. From the outside it is not always easy to tell what the finishing process will reveal.

Often, the treasure is within. As well as the Blackheart features, there is often spalting patterns from a fungus.

When turning it on the lathe it often produces long ribbons as the waste is removed.

Working with Sassafras is often interesting and always a pleasure.

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