Huon Pine

If you have bought one of our Tasmanian Huon Pine products, you have chosen well. It is the most popular and well known of our timbers.

Huon Pine is a rich creamy yellow wood.

It is soft, durable, smooth, oily and light weight.

Huon Pine is very easy to work with, sands well and produces a very smooth finish. When sanded or turned the dust and shavings are often extremely fine and sort of soft to the touch

Huon pine is probably the most durable of Australian timbers. Logs which apparently have lain on the ground for several hundred years are still being harvested and milled.

This is due to the presence of the essential oil, methyl eugenol. This not only helps with the durability gives Huon pine its unique odour.

The Huon Pine oil has preservative qualities and deters insect attack.

It has been said ‘the only thing slower than a Huon pine’s growth is its decay!’ It is recognised as an excellent timber for building boats, furniture, and for joinery and turning.

close up detail of huon pine foliage(lagarostrobos franklinii)
close up detail of huon pine foliage(lagarostrobos franklinii)

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