Recycled Plastic

After watching a youtube video, I was inspired to give recycled plastic a go.

So we started collecting our milk cartons and other bits and pieces.

After a few learning experiences, we have now pretty much worked it out and are able to produce some interesting pieces.

We now use all of our plastic cartons (HDPE High-density polyethylene) and lids (LDPE Low-density polyethylene) as well as those of another 3 families who collect them for us. So it is doing a small bit toward reducing our waste.

After a series of processes, we have been using the result mostly for pens, but will make a few different items in the future.

On initial inspection from a distance they look like the usual acrylic resin pens that many people make. But when you get closer and get a feel of the product you immediately will notice the difference.

It has a sort of warm and soft feel for a hard substance. Hard to describe.

Pen made from recycled plastic cartons.
Pen made from recycled plastic cartons.