Most likely you will be corresponding with Simon.

Please use the contact form here, as I do not always hear the phone or am unable to answer it in time.

To give you an idea of what happens in the workshop when the phone rings:

  • First, I have to hear it. Usually I do have it turned up quite loud so I can hear my music over the lathe, dust extractor and the ear plugs or muffs. But sometimes I don't.
  • Turn off all the aforementioned machines so that you will hear me when I speak to you. 
  • Remove all safety equipment. Face mask, dust mask, ear plugs, and sometimes gloves.

Make sure there is no glue of other substance on my fingers.

Then.... answer the phone.

Oops! Too late again!

So, now I decide to let it ring and hope the person leaves a message. And at my first chance to sit down and have a break, I do my best to return the calls.

So, email through the contact form is best. I can read your request and answer you as promptly as possible.

Thank you.

But just in case, my phone number is 0439 071 894.